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Introducing, Gapstars Explorer Series 2.0!

Picking up where we left off with a new webinar series for 2021

We have some superb news for you this week. And that is, for 2021, we’re bringing back the Gapstars Explorer Series with a bang!


Tell Me What It Is

In short, the Explorer Series 2.0 is a series of meetups, webinars and events conducted by Gapstars about the Information Technology climate in Sri Lanka, the Netherlands and the wider world in general. We started the series back in 2018 to spark discourse within the technology community and foster thought leadership and sharing of knowledge.

So far in our previous Explorer Series, we have covered a variety of topics including:

TDD with Laravel, SOLID Design Principles in PHP and PHP Meetup on GraphQL, just to name a few.

We’re thrilled to tell you that in 2021, we will be having discussions on a wide range of areas starting from current trends, developments and problems in the Information Technology industry, and many different paradigms within it.

We will also be discussing the latest and greatest technologies and programming languages in the industry and the new and interesting ways that they are being used.

The webinars and meetups we conduct will consist of our in-house experts and thought leaders from the Sri Lankan IT Industry and beyond. And the webinars will be directed towards both the Sri Lankan and Dutch audiences.

If that sounds exciting, do consider joining us.

Why Are You Doing It?

Through this series, we want to build a community of technology experts and enthusiasts and cultivate a culture that creates, shares and brings in new knowledge. We will share the expertise we harnessed working for over half a decade in some of the world’s leading startups. And also, we will be bringing insights from Sri Lanka and across the globe to the discourse.

Also, by opening communication and engagement through the Explorer Series, we intend to connect with the larger developer community via the digital space.

Kickstarting the Explorer Series 2.0

This month marks the beginning of a new era of conversation, starting off with Explorer Series 2.0: Powering Scalable Platforms with PHP; a webinar focused on tackling the future of PHP and straying away from the widespread perceptions surrounding it.

Our panel consists of two industry experts; John Pereira and Vipula Anandapiya, who are both well versed in the ins and outs of PHP and its frameworks.

John is a Senior Technical Lead at Gapstars and possesses over 15 years of experience within API and Web development, and is also the technical co-founder of

Vipula is the main organizer of the Colombo Laravel Meetup and is a tech entrepreneur, having founded two companies; Upendo and Adlux Software. You can look forward to hearing the insights of both these tech enthusiasts at our upcoming webinar!

So When Is The Webinar?

Explorer Series 2.0: Powering Scalable Platforms with PHP is scheduled to go live on the 29th of April 2021 at 5.00 PM, in collaboration with the Colombo Laravel Meetup.

We’re about to take a look at PHP like it’s never been done before, so you definitely don’t want to miss this!

Listen to our experts and join the discussion; register now for free!

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