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At Gapstars we believe in building meaningful, longterm relationships. Forget about offshoring as you know it: We have a thorough selection process to handpick only the best possible candidates. Since we know working with different cultures and remote teams requires special attention, we focus on employee integration to enable your company’s growth.

Before we decided to double down on building software teams in Sri Lanka, we conducted extensive research on which countries would be a viable investment. We compared different offshoring destinations in terms of financial attractiveness, people skills & availability and business environment. Sri Lanka came out as the most notable runner-up. There are 3 main reasons why we believe Sri Lanka is the best choice to build your offshore teams:

1) It’s a young and dynamic alternative to India. Costs and talent profiles are similar, attrition levels are lower and the general businesses climate and infrastructure are superior.

2) Sri Lanka has a highly educated workforce. English is taught as a second language and literacy rates are amongst the highest in the region.

3) International companies from all over the world are expanding their development operations in Colombo, clearly indicating that the market is ready for investment. So there your have it, 3 reasons why Sri Lanka is a great location for your development team(s) and – most importantly – that the time to move is now.

Our world is digitalising rapidly. As a result, the demand for tech developers is going through the roof. For most tech companies this means they can’t count on the Western market for sustainable growth anymore; the best developers usually already have a job and/or are very expensive. That’s why ambitious, fast-growing, small and medium-sized companies increasingly look abroad to fuel their growth. They work with one or more remote teams based offshore. A global set-up like this offers businesses several key advantages:

1) Access to experts.

2) They get to stay lean.

3) They get to work with a dedicated team.

What technologies don’t we work with you might as well ask! Think Java, Android, AngularJS, C#, C++, .Net, 
JQuery, PHP, Phyton, JavaScript and Ruby. If you’re not sure, just drop us an email or give us a call.


Prices depend, among other things, on the size of the team and the type of developers you need. Generally speaking, working with a remote team can be up to 50% more affordable.

Gapstars employs all developers. But as a dedicated team they work 100% for you, just like any other employee.

We’ve got a brand new Gapstars office in Colombo from which all our developers work. Before your dedicated team starts we make sure their work stations are fully equipped and in line with your requirements.

We aim for everything to be up and running within 8 weeks. That means the recruitment, onboarding and actual start of the development team.

You & Gapstars

In a nutshell: Our clients tell us exactly what they’re looking for in a development team. Then the Gapstars recruitment wizards start to work their magic to find those perfect candidates. Suitable applicants get to do a technical assessment in TestDome followed by an interview in our Colombo office and a call with the Amsterdam office. If the client needs a team of 3 developers, we’ll present them our candidates as soon as we’ve found 5 top talents.

Good question! Our recruitment process is all about getting to know the candidates. As we briefly mentioned before, all our developers go through a technical assessment (TestDome) which they need to complete successfully. Both before and after the assessment our recruiters and managers speak with the candidates to make sure they’re a good fit. The final decision however, is always up to you. You decide if and who you want to hire for your development team.

We know how important it is for people to feel part of the ‘family’. Especially when they’re on the other side of the world. That’s why we organize regular, real life meetups. The Gapstars fly out to your office several times a year and before we start working together, we always arrange a 1-month onboarding program in your office.

We take care of every practical aspect of working with a remote team. Think recruitment, office space, plane tickets, visas and what not. Everything’s aimed at getting you started with your top development team as soon as possible.