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At Gapstars we believe in building meaningful, longterm relationships. Forget about offshoring as you know it: We have a thorough selection process to handpick only the best possible candidates. Since we know working with different cultures and remote teams requires special attention, we focus on employee integration to enable your company’s growth.

Before we decided to double down on building software teams in Sri Lanka, we conducted extensive research on which countries would be a viable investment. We compared different offshoring destinations in terms of financial attractiveness, people skills & availability and business environment. Sri Lanka came out as the most notable runner-up. There are 3 main reasons why we believe Sri Lanka is the best choice to build your offshore teams:

1) It’s a young and dynamic alternative to India. Costs and talent profiles are similar, attrition levels are lower and the general businesses climate and infrastructure are superior.

2) Sri Lanka has a highly educated workforce. English is taught as a second language and literacy rates are amongst the highest in the world.

3) International companies from all over the world are expanding their development operations in Colombo, clearly indicating that the market is ready for investment.

Our world is digitalising rapidly. As a result, the demand for tech developers is going through the roof. For most tech companies this means they can’t count on the Western market for sustainable growth anymore; the best developers usually already have a job and/or are very expensive. That’s why ambitious, fast-growing, small and medium-sized companies increasingly look abroad to fuel their growth. They work with one or more remote teams based offshore. A global set-up like this offers businesses several key advantages:

1) Access to experts.

2) They get to stay lean.

3) They get to work with a dedicated team.

Think Java, Android, AngularJS, C#, C++, .Net, JQuery, PHP, Python, JavaScript and Ruby, to name just a few; we work with a whole lot! If you’re not sure, just drop us an email or give us a call.

Portugal has proven to be an attractive nearshore location for tech start-ups and scale-ups to thrive. Home to over 200,000 IT professionals and boasting an impressive rate of over 8,000 tech graduates a year, Lisbon is an ever-expanding epicenter of opportunity.

The Portuguese tech ecosystem is one that is diverse, hosting an international community of talent with a high proficiency in English. The value-add broadens with the convenience of only an hour’s time difference between Portugal and the Netherlands.


Prices depend, among other things, on the size of the team and the type of developers you need. Generally speaking, working with a remote team can be up to 50% more affordable.

Gapstars employs all developers. But as a dedicated team they work 100% for you, just like any other employee.

We have a state of the art office in Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka, fully equipped with all the necessary facilities. Our Portuguese office operates out of Avila Spaces, Lisbon, where employees are able to connect with a widely diverse community.

We will close a position within 30 days. This means the time taken to source, interview and hire the candidate, from the inception of the recruitment process to the time the candidate signs the offer letter and letter of appointment.

You & Gapstars

In a nutshell: Our clients tell us exactly what they’re looking for in a development team. Then the Gapstars recruitment wizards start to work their magic to find those perfect candidates. Suitable applicants get to do a technical assessment in TestDome followed by an interview in our Colombo office and a call with the Amsterdam office. If the client needs a team of 3 developers, we’ll present them our candidates as soon as we’ve found 5 top talents.

Good question! Here’s a brief overview of how the process works. Our first kick-off call with you will outline exactly what your expectations are, in terms of both soft skills and technical skills. Our recruitment team will then go about sourcing candidates who’d fit this framework, and will only qualify them as suitable if they pass the TestDome assessment. After being thoroughly vetted, the candidates will then be presented to you, so that you can make the final call.

We know how important it is for people to feel part of the ‘family’. Especially when they’re on the other side of the world. We’ve therefore inculcated our core values of Growth, Impact and Family into the Gapstars culture, and make sure that all our employees are on an upwards trajectory towards the best versions of themselves. We also make sure that there’s a solid team fit, so that dynamics within each and every one of our client teams are smooth, and everyone genuinely enjoys working together.

We take care of the end to end employee lifecycle, from recruitment to offboarding. We make sure they have a positive employee experience, enrich their journey with learning initiatives by the Gapstars Academy, and ultimately, are valued members of your team. But that’s not all- we also make sure that we add value to your business processes. Our Delivery and Engineering teams will play a consultative role during our initial meetings, and will also work alongside you to make sure we’re finding the most efficient solutions, all throughout your journey with Gapstars. Our Risk Assessment and Maturity matrices help you to understand your business better, and our Accounts Teams will do regular pulse checks with you. Our Academy also goes the extra mile by conducting cultural awareness sessions to acclimate both parties to newer cultures.