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How gapstars is dealing with Covid-19

As the world grapples with the Coronavirus crisis (COVID-19), it’s bringing about unprecedented change in the way we live and work. As we collectively face these challenging times, it requires all of us to be adaptable, resilient and supportive to one another in the face of uncertainty.

At Gapstars, we’ve taken a number of concrete steps to ensure the health and safety of our people, while complying with governmental regulations. We continue to serve our clients and assist them with day-to-day operations. We have taken countermeasures to ensure our clients and people are aware of the current situation, look after our staff, limit the possible spread of the virus and work out continuity plans. In short, these include:

  • We’ve enabled all our staff with laptops and equipment to work from home as required. This will enable the entire company to operate remotely. Our support staff is available to our partners for any additional help they might need with their WFH policies.
  • We have opened our office for those who want to come to the office and work. However, they will be required to follow steps at the office to avoid spreading infection as recommended by the WHO.
  • We’ve offered all job candidates the option to conduct their interviews remotely.
  • We’ve set up a task force of team leads to assess the evolving situation, report on work-related matters and to take quick action during this time of uncertainty. This allows us to learn fast from best practices and provides an efficient framework to roll out additional measures.
  • As we understand the importance of progress and knowledge sharing during this crisis we will continue our planned Meetups as Webinars. View our last webinar here.


  • Most importantly, we have created a plan on how to get through this and communicated clearly with all employees and other stakeholders.

We will be continuously assessing whether the measures we have taken are sufficient and compliant with international and federal regulations.

Sri Lanka’s recent history shows that the country and its people have a courageous and collective mindset that enables them to bounce back from crises (the 2004 Tsunami, the Easter Attacks 2019 and more). We have full faith that we will overcome this global challenge and we will do everything in our power to address all concerns and ensure the health and safety of our staff.

Stay safe.