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Gapstars’ reason for existence: to create software by drawing on top international talent and smart growth

In the Netherlands, despite or perhaps thanks to the challenging times we are passing through, we still have many fast-growing tech companies. Being able to scale up rapidly with high-quality people is an important factor. Because a software product, a promising tool or e-commerce environment will never innovate and develop unless the right people are in the right place. And that in itself is a challenge. Because where can you find enough people, at affordable rates, who also have the skills that you need?

Accelerating digital transformation

Gapstars works as a B2B service provider with dedicated teams that help companies grow smarter. With over 5,000 developers in our talent pool, there are plenty for ambitious start-ups or scale-ups to choose from, when they want to cover high-quality ground fast. We concentrate on innovative software companies in the Netherlands. We help them with our high performance, remote agile development teams.

The reason behind Gapstars

Because of its local and international character, Gapstars really has two strands to its reasons for existence. On the one hand, we have our innovative side, where we strive to accelerate digital transformation by providing a steady stream of highly talented people. The goal? To enable both companies and people to innovate. On the other hand, there is a supply side, where we want to demonstrate that top talent also exists beyond our national borders. By seeking out talent, finding and educating it further in countries that often carry the stigma of ‘low cost, low quality’, we strive to create a level playing field.

We have had links with Sri Lanka for over 20 years now. The wife of one of our founders opened an orphanage which has now grown into a village for over 100 children. The name speaks volumes: Home of Hope. At the same time, she discovered just how high the level of IT talent is in Sri Lanka. And that was the start of Gapstars: an idea that we hope and believe will make the world a better place in many ways. Would you like to know more about our talented people? You can meet them here. They are working in our offices in Amsterdam and Colombo (the capital of Sri Lanka).

Continuous growth

That there is a need for highly skilled people in the world of digital transformation is evident from our growth, that has continued unabated since our creation in 2015. Our dream is to become the number 1 strategic partner for technology companies in Europe. To achieve this, we hold true to our core values. In summary these are: we are committed to excellence, look for lasting partnerships, we are strategic thinkers with a passion for growth, we listen well and facilitate everything to do with caring and delivering and thanks to our international nature we work with a global mindset. Profits are not our top priority. That is creating change, by combining the best of both worlds with each other.

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Our goal for 2021? To become an industry leader and agile software development powerhouse. If you would like to find out more, or just brainstorm a new way to speed up your growth, then schedule a free discovery call.