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Promoting sustainable energy consumption through scalable solutions

Supporting Zero Friction’s mission to streamline customer interactions for the energy sector in Belgium with technology supported by talented Sri Lankan developers.

Zero Friction is a leading provider of SaaS solutions for the energy industry, providing
collective heating and cooling companies with a scalable platform to gain advanced insights in the areas of measurement data, invoicing, payment follow-up and customer management.

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Zero Friction

The Belgian labour market mandates an annual mandatory pay indexation, requiring companies to increase base pay each year based on a government-authorized index. With an annual pay index as high as 12% for 2023, onboarding, setting up and retaining a team of software engineers in Belgium proved to be an expensive endeavor.

To address these challenges, Gapstars created a streamlined recruitment strategy to facilitate Zero Friction’s talent needs. Our value addition included:

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Dedicated Account Management that supports transparent communication

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Efficient HR & team onboarding support

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Creating a flexible workspace for the team in Sri Lanka under ISO Certification and GDPR compliance

This is where
Gapstars came in!

Read more about the successful migration of Zero Friction’s authentication system, with zero downtime and the ability to go-live within a shorter lead time as a result of Gapstars’ formula for the right talent mix for scalable operations.

What our employees think

“Zero Friction’s stress-free work culture enables open discussions and the flexibility to deliver quality results. This, coupled with Gapstars’ robust client engagement engine, frees up our time to focus on delivering quality code.”

Samitha Hewawasam – Senior Technical Lead @ Zero Friction


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