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Continuous improvement to your product portfolio is a recipe for instant success in creating more demand and attracting more customers. As a new technical start-up, scaling in line with demand can be challenging. Especially when you are met with the dilemma of mobilizing your resources from maintenance and functionality of your existing product to continuous improvement and new product development.

PastBook realized earlier on that with their growing demand, they needed additional technical capacity to efficiently mobilize resources and scale in volume to stay ahead of competition. They identified the following challenges as key indicators to focus on with a new remote team;

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Quick time to market


Dedicated engineering support

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Enhanced and innovative product offerings

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Gapstars came in

Read more about how PastBook managed to unleash a wave of innovative product offerings, create a sustainable, scalable, and agile development environment with Gapstars, all the while successfully navigating through global uncertainty.

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“At PastBook, we are focused on teamwork and achieving results which contribute to business goals proactively. The team is just great and Gapstars has done an amazing job in putting together such a talented team.”

Thilina Fonseka – Delivery Manager @ PastBook


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