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Harver recruiting to great heights with Gapstars

Facilitating Harvers growth alongside rapid demand and meeting tech labor market anomalies in the Netherlands with expertise from Sri Lanka

Harver is a leading volume recruitment solutions provider enabling some of the world’s innovative brands to hire digitally and at scale.

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An influx in demand, limited internal capacity and the increasing need to scale are some of the challenges that Harver was faced with when they looked at expanding their operations back in 2013.

To address these issues, Harver’s solution was quite simple. That is, to expand their existing technical teams to meet their growing client needs. However, as a start-up, scaling teams at an early stage in the business cycle proved to be not so much of an easy task.

During the diagnosis of their challenge, Harver identified several pain points that were detrimental to their early scale-up plan;

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Shortage of tech talent in the Netherlands

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Exorbitant software developer salary rates

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Higher cost of recruitment

This is where
Gapstars came in

Read more about how Harver continued to stay on top of the industry leader-board as a result of the right talent, expertise and support derived from their unique partnership with Gapstars

What our employees think

“Working remotely and being able to contribute and 
commit to Harver’s mission-critical projects to the expected standards is what our teams strive for on a daily basis. 
We prioritise creating sustainable remote relationships demonstrating mutual trust and respect.”

Asfer Rafiudee – Lead Software Engineer @ Harver Sri Lanka


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