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Strengthening public services through effective digital solutions

Delivering the right talent to support Conxiliium’s efforts towards creating sustainable IT solutions for numerous European government initiatives

Conxillium uses technology to assist local governments to create a more public-friendly environment to their citizens

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Scaling in an environment where talent, experience and skills are scarce can be quite a challenge for a fast-growing technology company. For Conxillium to achieve business success and maintain steady levels of growth, they required a remote team service partner that could offer them the required operational flexibility while ensuring undisrupted access to skilled talent. Conxillium viewed that their incoming partnership should help them navigate through the following challenges;

Lack of access to skilled tech talent

Finding offshore remote team service providers that promotes operational flexibility

This is where Gapstars came in

Read more about how Conxillium grew with Gapstars, as they successfully navigated through the shortcomings of the European talent market with access to talent and guaranteed operational flexibility.

Gapstars Client Case

What our employees think

Gapstars Client Case

"Having the right facilities and an excellent working environment from Gapstars to work under Conxillium for the last five years, I would say has been the greatest experience so far!"

Pamoda Wagasenavi - Senior Software Engineer @ Conxillium


Gapstars Client Case
Gapstars Client Case
Gapstars Client Case