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As a CTO, how can I distance myself better from the operational stuff?

To enable your organisation to grow, every now and then you have to change its structure. For the current CTO it can be a big challenge to let go of certain operational things. Because how can you actually stand back? And how do you make sure that you don’t keep busying yourself with programming? When an organisation is growing, a totally new dynamic comes into play. This requires adjustment. And daring to delegate. Daring to have confidence in your team, so that you can manage from the helicopter view. In other words: how do you keep control without getting too close to the nuts and bolts?

Great opportunities for scale-ups and investors

At Gapstars we regularly find ourselves dealing with scale-ups that know how to get investors on board, but still don’t achieve breakthrough growth. We talk with a large number of CTOs and for many of them it is true that, despite the funding being available, they are still personally busy firefighting. What they especially want to be able to do is to focus on the long term of their company with a strategic plan. If they are unable to do that, it means that attention needs to be paid to the way the organisation is structured. For example, take a long hard look at your teams: how well do they actually work cross-functionally at the moment? And, if you as CTO are being honest with yourself, how much do you actually enjoy getting your hands dirty with things like programming far too much?

Opt for both peace and growth

At Gapstars we solve the above challenge in two ways, and always by working with dedicated teams. The members of this team are completely dedicated to your organisation, and work as full team members, committed and as integral part of the team.

Capable senior developers

First of all, we have senior developers who are extremely capable and can act as sparring partner, besides solely focusing on execution. For example, about high-level design or complex architecture.

Consultants for success

Secondly, we can provide high-level consulting to help provide insights into bottlenecks in the process. For example, by focussing on delivery or by looking at the way people deal with agile working. In this way, you work from the base up towards rapid growth. And, especially for CTOs, towards letting go of the operational stuff. If it is done properly, at the end of the day everyone is happier and more successful as a result.

Learn from the tech leaders in the market

Would you like to find out more about everything related to managing (remote) engineering teams? Take a look at our webinar from April 22nd.

This is what you can expect: a review of the past year, the influence of working remotely and the impact of corona in making remote working the norm. At the same time, how you can create opportunities by taking a step back from operational activities. You can also contact us and we will discuss the opportunities with you.