Gapstars x Covid-19

We are creating a new future that adopts the new normal. We believe in challenging the status quo by building groundbreaking products and successful companies irrespective of location, cultural differences and physical dependencies. That is the future.

A remote-first world does not mean offices will be redundant and we need to get rid of them, we believe it means a change of purpose, just like we have changed our mindset. We see the office of the future as a collaborative hub where our community gathers to share knowledge, exchange ideas and create best practices. The work needed to bring these ideas into fruition is not dependent on location. That is the beauty of successful digital transformation.

Six things we are doing to provide you with the best possible service and experience

Following our vision for the future of working, we are already undertaking efforts to create a successful and efficient remote operation for our people and our partners:

  • Quick scan remote capability

    How prepared is your organization for remote working? Together with you, our Delivery Consultant assesses the
    effectiveness and efficiency of your current remote practices to see if there are any areas of improvement that
    you should consider (communication rhythm, reporting lines, agile power-ups etc.).

  • Remote Delivery Optimization

    Our Delivery Consultant works with you to optimize your delivery process based on the outcomes of the quick
    scan or specific requests you might have. Whether it is automating workflows, sharing project plans or (re)defining success, we provide a helping hand in optimizing your remote delivery.

  • Home Office Setup

    Full support from our team to all of our people on setting up a comfortable, ergonomic and productive setup for their home office. We make sure everybody has top of the line hardware, as well as a solid IT infrastructure, for their home setup to maximize effectiveness.

  • Technology Consultancy

    As remote working can make it difficult to brainstorm with colleagues, communication and knowledge sharing are more important than ever. We have a Technology Consultant available for our partners and developers to help them find the answer to any technological challenge they might run into.

  • Mental Health Coach

    Being isolated from colleagues can make people feel lonely or even depressed. In order to make sure people maintain a healthy and comfortable work-life balance and are able to adjust to working from home full time, we have a mental health coach available. Whether someone is dealing with a personal matter, finding themselves struggling for productivity or just looking to have a personal chat, our coach is available.

  • Physical Health Coach

    Many people underestimate the negative effects on their boy of not having an ergonomic setup at home. We have a physical trainer available who can help anyone who wants to stay in shape with workout schedules, dietary coaching or exercises to prevent injuries and maintain flexibility. A healthy body is a healthy mind.

Want to know more about how we see the future, what we do to adapt ourselves to the new normal, or what we can do for you? Schedule a free discovery call with one of our specialists.