Currently, we employ 175+ professionals in our offices in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Colombo, Sri Lanka. In 2022, our goal is to become an industry leader and an agile software development powerhouse. We are only interested in working with fast-growing start-and scale-ups that are looking for new ways to fuel their growth. Our current client base includes several highly ambitious and heavily funded start-ups that are looking to conquer their respective markets.

Gapstars choosing Sri Lanka as its operational base for our software development is everything but a coincidence. Gapstars was founded in 2015, but the connection with Sri Lanka dates back more than 20 years. With our connection to Sri Lanka originating in charity, the beauty and cunning of this magical island made its impression on us very early on.

At Gapstars, we embrace diversity and stand for equal opportunities. Traditionally, offshore software locations in South and South-East Asia are considered to be ‘low cost, low quality’ and are viewed rather sceptically. Our mission is to create an equal level playing field by showcasing the beauty and brains of Sri Lanka by empowering European tech companies to grow and be successful with software built by their developers in Sri Lanka.

Our values

At Gapstars we therefore have three core values that we live by and have integrated seamlessly into every facet of our organisation


We have a passion for growth


We make an impact together


We are one global family

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